Inauguration of the 1st Power-to-Gas demonstrator in France – « GRHYD»,

in Cappelle-la-Grande (59) –Dunkirk Urban Community

#REN #Hydrogen #Storage

On Monday, 11 June, the 1st Power-to-gas demonstrator in France – « GRHYD », was inaugurated in the Dunkirk conurbation at Cappelle-la-Grande (59). Launched in 2014, the GRHYD* project is testing the injection of hydrogen into the area’s natural gas distribution network in order to satisfy the needs of the inhabitants for heating, hot water and cooking purposes. This innovative project aims to help achieve the reduction in GHG emissions of 20 % that France wants to see by 2020. The GRHYD project is a strategic part of the Hydrogen Plan launched on 1 June 2018 by the Government by supplying technical and economic data about hydrogen injection (measure No 7: Determine the technical and economic conditions for hydrogen injection that are acceptable for the networks).