Mobility – things are moving in Greater Geneva!

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With an increase of 20% in ten years of the cross-border travel, the dynamism of Greater Geneva is a challenge in terms of mobility. The objective of reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of this conurbation of nearly one million inhabitants by 40% calls for ambitious actions and investment. Below are a few examples that bear witness to the diversity of the means deployed in the conurbation.

Photo : TOSA, 100% electric bus

The networks of trams (e.g. Annemasse-Geneva), high service level buses (e.g. Gex-Ferney) and soft
mobility (e.g. Greater Geneva Green Lane) are being developed beyond the national border. The
upcoming arrival of the Léman Express, a veritable cross-border backbone of the public transport
network, is going to revolutionize mobility habits in Greater Geneva.
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In 2018 Geneva Public Transport (TPG) will replace the vehicles running on diesel with 100% electric
buses on line 23 linking the town of Carouge with the airport. The bringing into service of this bus,
named TOSA (Trolleybus Optimisation Système Alimentation), is a world first. Furthermore, TPG
intends to operate a self-sufficient vehicle on the XA experimental line in Meyrin at the beginning of
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By 2019 the Cristal will be running in Rolle. An economical and modular electric vehicle, developed by
the French industrial group Lohr, its coupled shuttle mode enables two to four vehicles to be coupled
up. This enables the transport capacity to be increased to 76 passengers if needed. Although it is not a
self-sufficient vehicle, the Cristal could eventually be used in self-service mode with a car driving

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In the autumn of 2018, a House of Mobility and Tourism will be opened in Annemasse. This will be the
gateway for the sector for directing customers to modes of travel suited to their needs. In the district
of Nyon, the Mobile One-Stop Shop helps its partner companies implement their mobility plans. A
virtual and real information point, the Mobile One-Stop Shop goes to the offices of its partners to
propose a hotline to advise and help their employees with the organization of their daily travel
between home and work.
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