Arnaud LEROY appointed Chairman of ADEME

On March 1 last the Board of Directors of ADEME proposed Arnaud Leroy be appointed their Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. This proposal was virtually unanimously approved by the competent committees of the National Assembly and the Senate.

Arnaud Leroy, aged 41 years and a graduate in maritime law and environmental protection, began his political career at the European Parliament where he was Secretary General of the Delegation of the French Greens. In 2004 he joined the European Maritime Safety Agency in order to take part in its setting in place and deal in particular with the Environment and Climate Change division.

Elected an M.P. in 2012, for five years now he has been a member of the Sustainable Development and Spatial Planning Committee and the European Affairs Committee of the National Assembly where he deals in particular with the texts related to ecological and energy transition. He is the author and the rapporteur of a parliamentary bill, referred to as the «Leroy Act », relating to the blue economy, adopted in 2016, which contains measures for simplifying and facilitating the boosting and the development of the maritime economy. He has also chaired the Climate Change study group at the National Assembly and co-chaired, together with the M.P. Bertrand Pancher, the Carbon Balance Association which proposes solutions to organizations for carbon accounting.

Fortified by this varied experience, Arnaud Leroy will put his energy and his expertise at the service of the projects being undertaken by ADEME to back up the French commitments in terms of fighting and adapting to climate change.

« I’m very honoured and proud to have been put in charge of ADEME. Convinced of the urgency for France and for Europe of speeding up ecological transition, my objective is to put all ADEME’s resources and expertise at the service of the ambitions of our Climate Plan. ADEME has to put forward solutions, mobilize its partners, including at the European level, and more broadly speaking, bring on board the whole of society, so that everyone plays their part in fighting climate change in order to make ecological transition irreversible, for quite simply what is at stake is the survival of our species», declared Arnaud Leroy.