Bordeaux Métropole is banking on geothermal energy

and is testing drillings to a depth of 1700 metres! #GeothermalEnergy #REN #TheyInnovate

The Bordeaux area is lucky to be able to enjoy geothermal energy resources. No fewer than 7 projects were conducted in the 1980’s from drillings done to a depth of approximately 800 m in the Cenomanian water table where there is an abundant supply of water at 45°C. 4 of them are still in use today. For over 30 years, no other drillings were done on account of the combined effect of the rise in costs and the end of the big urban complex operations that had been the instigators of most of the projects. At the beginning of the current decade, with the awareness of the climate change issues and the and the strong local urban development dynamic, Bordeaux Métropole wished to increase the number of heat networks and make better use of its geothermal energy resources. With the support of ADEME and the BRGM (Geological and Mining Research Bureau), it first did a full assessment of the geothermal energy potential of its subsoil. This work revealed the existence of a promising reservoir located at a depth of 1700m where the water is at a temperature of 70°C.