Citizen energies: amplified energy transition at the service of the regions


President of « ENERGIE PARTAGEE »

“The change to a more sober energy model that is decentralized and turned towards renewable energies has been accepted by (nearly) everyone, but what role should the regions and their local players perform?

The success of this revolution cannot be achieved without cutting energy consumption. This aspect has low visibility, yet it necessarily involves the citizens and the local authorities, the biggest energy consumers.

The Shared Energy movement asserts that involving these local players in the entire energy chain - from production to consumption – will enable them to be encouraged to reduce their consumption and gain control of their energy future.

It is not just simply a question of touting a few benefits for a few local investors, but of enabling them to control the projects in their region and take part in running them on a long-term basis. The local financial returns are then 5 to 10 times bigger than for conventional projects. However, the local value added goes far beyond the financial resources, with the increase in skills of the players, the learning of co-constructions bringing together local authorities, citizens and businesses: at the end of the day, the pride of being a player for a cause that is crucial for mankind.