At the end of January 2018, the 19th edition of the European Energy Transition Conference will be held for three days in Geneva. It is the annual appointment for the regional and local players committed to energy transition and the adaptation to climate change. In the light of this event, the organizers– the Greater Geneva cross-border region, the Dunkirk Urban Community, Bordeaux Métropole and ADEME, are launching a call for contributions in order to co-construct the general programme in a collaborative manner with the following leitmotif: « Go beyond the limits; go beyond the borders for Energy Transition ». Elected representatives, citizens, researchers, businesses or again technicians committed to local energy transition will have from 3 July until 15 September to submit their contribution projects on the website web in order to make the event a veritable laboratory for sharing experience and ideas and seeking concrete solutions.

The European Energy Transition Conference is being exported to Continental Europe: a first!
The 2018 edition of the European Energy Transition Conference will mark a turning point in the organization of the event. Established in 1999, in Dunkirk, this annual appointment up until now organized on an alternate basis in Dunkirk and Bordeaux, is for the first time going beyond the French borders to the cross-border region of Greater Geneva. Open to the world with international Geneva and straddling the Swiss cantons of Geneva and Vaud and the French Departments of Ain and Haute-Savoie, Greater Geneva is the perfect embodiment of the international reach of the Energy Conference.
Leitmotif for 2018: « Go beyond the limits; go beyond the borders for Energy Transition ».
Travel, working life, housing, cultural and sporting practices: no fewer than a million inhabitants of Greater Geneva experience this cross-border, international dimension on a daily basis. The intensification of the cross-border interconnections, in all fields, demonstrates the vitality of this area where the borders are not natural but purely administrative. In order to attain its ambitions in terms of energy transition, Greater Geneva has to go beyond the administrative, organizational, technical, cultural or again traditional frameworks. Go beyond the limits to bring closer together the worlds of private and public, citizens and elected representatives, companies and laboratories; push back the frontiers of knowledge and competency of each person, in order to experiment, innovate, develop and cooperate together … Inspired by the experience of Greater Geneva, the organizers naturally turned their attention to these issues and chose to make them the leitmotif for « 2018 ».

New feature of the call for contributions!
Another important new feature of this 19th edition: the call for contributions now has 5 different
formats. It is in fact possible to « organize an event» at the Energy Conference via the « Inspiration »
(experience sharing workshops), « Challenge » (co-creation spaces) and « Speed-dating » (idea
sharing space for project owners) contribution formats or quite simply « share suggestions »
concerning the drawing up of the programme via the « Fan » (suggestion of a speaker) or « Topic »
(suggestion of a subject or issue) contribution formats.

Did you know?
Last year the Energy Conference had a record attendance in Bordeaux with over 3750 participants
registered over the 3 days for over 130 events (plenary sessions, workshops, forums, labs, site visits or
again pzrtner events).