2018 – Greater Geneva will host

the 19th edition of the European Energy Transition Conference

While the 18th edition of the European Energy Transition Conference was still being held in Bordeaux, the 3 co-organizers of the event – the Dunkirk Urban Community, Bordeaux Métropole and ADEME announced the official holding of the next edition, in 2018, in the cross-border conurbation of Greater Geneva.

An international appointment not to be missed for the regions
Created by the Dunkirk Urban Community and co-organized in partnership with ADEME, the European Energy Transition Conference has become over the years the national event not to be missed by the local players committed to energy transition.
This event has managed to adapt and innovate so as to be in tune with the major transformations in society. This necessary evolution was translated into concrete terms by the arrival of Bordeaux Métropole in 2015 as co-organizer of the Energy Transition Conference. So, after having been the spokesman for the regions in the context of the preparation of COP 21 (with the Appeal from Bordeaux in 2015), the Energy Transition Conference became in 2016 in Dunkirk, the European Energy Transition Conference. This change of dimension marked the determination to open up and exchange with all the regions that show enterprise and innovate, a movement that has been further amplified this year in Bordeaux.
Greater Geneva, a cross-border region committed to energy transition
Since this time, the Dunkirk Urban Community, Bordeaux Métropole and ADEME, have wished amplify the international dimension of the event. After having taken part in and contributed for many years to the Energy Conference as participants, the teams of the Greater Geneva cross-border conurbation expressed their desire to be part of the organizing committee and to host the next edition.
For several months now discussions have been under way with the elected representatives and the technicians of the cantons of Geneva and Vaud, the French Geneva Metropolitan Pole, the Departments of Haute Savoie and Ain and the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region. The visit to the Geneva region on 11 and 12 January last and various meetings during the last few weeks have enabled the many assets of this cross-border region to be highlighted. This region, named Positive Energy Territory for Green Growth (TEPCV) and committed to the Cit’ergie initiative, has set in place a proactive policy in the fields of spatial planning, mobility, quality of the air and the development of renewable energies. It also has a lot of experience in hosting international events.
Patrice Vergriete – Mayor of Dunkirk, Chairman of the Urban Community, Alain Juppé – Mayor of Bordeaux, Chairman of Bordeaux Métropole, and Bruno Lechevin – Chairman of ADEME, have therefore decided to officialise the entry of the Greater Geneva cross-border conurbation into the circle of co-organizers of the European Energy Transition Conference, and it will therefore host the 19th edition of the event in 2018.
Forthcoming editions of the European Energy Transition Conference:
Press release - January, the 25th
19th edition: The Greater Geneva cross-border conurbation in 2018
20th edition: Dunkirk Urban Community in 2019
21st edition: Bordeaux Métropole in 2020
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