2086: Number of jobs created in the marine renewable energy sector

In March last, at the Seaenergy Normandy convention in Le Havre, the Marine Energy Observatory revealed the results of its first major study dedicated to the emergence of the marine energy sector and its impact on the economy and employment in France.

In all, 2086 FTE (full-time equivalent) jobs have been created, of which 1686 (80%) in service providers and suppliers to the value chain. This figure should increase with the commissioning of the forthcoming pilot sites and business parks. 233 jobs have also been created in the companies of developers and operators, and 157 in the training and R&D structures. Contrary to the other more mature renewable energy production sectors, few companies are today positioned on installation and maintenance. Lastly, if the fixed base wind farm today generates a lot of jobs, it should be noted moreover that the floating wind farm and the hydrokinetic turbine are already creating employment.
Created by the Cluster Maritime Français, in partnership with the Syndicat des Energies Renouvelables (SER) and the Groupement des Industries de Construction et d’Activités Navales (GICAN), the purpose of the Marine Energy Observatory is to bring together the support schemes for the marine renewable energy sector over and beyond the political cleavages and contribute to building a national consensus around the development of this sector. This first study shows a multiplication of the synergies between the world of marine energy and the historical marine jobs, that the French maritime territory has many souces of renewable energy in terms of wind, sea current, temperature or again salinity and that this opportunity can be converted into a lasting industrial and environmental success by aiming at the upper bracket of the multi-annual energy plan.
Source: Report #1 of the Marine Energy Observatory - « Marine Energy: a growth lever for France »