Open forum of Isabelle Kocher, General Manager of ENGIE

European Energy Transition Conference 2020

Adapt in order to make transition a success

Whereas in the past the drive for energy transition came from the states, it is today driven by companies and local authorities, under the impetus of consumers and citizens.

At ENGIE, we repositioned ourselves in 2016 so as to become the zero carbon transition leader.

We then decided to reverse the model. Our core job was producing energy and getting paid for that. We switched to a system where we help customers to consume less and we are paid for that.

And we have cut our direct CO2 emissions by half since 2012!

To make a success of this transformation, we are developing custom-built global solutions that consist, after a fine analysis of the needs, in a thorough review of energy uses in order to drastically reduce consumption levels.

Replacing the old equipment with smart equipment that is more energy-efficient, supplying all the facilities with decarbonized energy, financing everything at a competitive price for the customer: we are committed with our stakeholders to objectives of common good.

We are going further by proposing to invest directly with our customers. Whether in the hot and cold networks, public lighting, vehicle battery recharging stations, roof solar panels, and not forgetting the gas networks, we are acting to propose the most suitable solutions and make a success of what we call the Zero Carbon Transition.

This also involves mobility where we have to associate public transport and traffic management with the adoption of clean fuels and soft modes of transport.

Our conviction: the choice of technologies and energy sources has to be adapted to each area according to uses, needs and resources.

This is what we did at the end of 2019 with the Durance-Lubéron-Verdon conurbation where we signed a pioneer cooperation agreement to produce, store and distribute "green hydrogen" in partnership with Air Liquide. This innovative project that satisfies needs for “greening” shows that adaptation is the byword for success.

For adapting to areas and the issues involved, means adapting to make a success of energy transition.